Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amy Tan- Where Does Creativity Hide?

Amy Tan- Where Does Creativity Hide?

Honestly, this one didn't grab me all that much, so, you know, way to start off with a bang!  There was one small idea that did poke me in the belly, though.  I can't even remember if it was an actual point she was making or if I just took something she said as an aside and ran with it, but it's this idea of taking something in your life that feels uncomfortable, one of those feelings that you just can't shake, and using that as the basis of a writing project. I tend to avoid those niggly little nervous-worms like the plague.  When I find myself obsessing over them I distract myself and take showers to wash them off and hope that time will erase them, but maybe what I should be doing is diving right in, head first, and seeing if concentration and devotion of energy will help me to master them until they just don't bother me anymore.

It's a scary thought, but then anything in life worth doing is scary, right?

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